Meraki Montessori International


Enabling every child to reach their FULLEST potential.


We’re committed to providing a safe, open and dynamic environment that embraces each child’s uniqueness, encourages self-expression, fires up curiosity and fosters a love of learning to nurture children who’re happy, self-aware, confident, independent, socially conscious and primed to grow into responsible leaders of the future.

Toddler Program

Age Criteria:

14 months to 3 years

Dr. Montessori’s research highlights the unparalleled brain-development and grasping power of children in this age group. MMI’s environment hones their potential with harmony and precision.

Primary Program

Age Criteria:

2 years 4 months to 6 years

With hands-on experiences in-built, this program is tailored to develop a lifelong passion for learning among children and nurture qualities such as independence and critical thinking.

After School Maths & Language Program

Age Criteria:

3 years to 6 years

After school – Explore the world of Montessori Maths and Language in MMI’s after-school program. Students engage in captivating activities designed to cultivate a profound love and in-depth comprehension of these subjects.

Meet the Founders

The co-founders of MMI are united by their deep-rooted belief in Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy, dedication to excellence, integrity in work, and the constant pursuit of personal and professional growth.

As seasoned Montessorians, they have a deep understanding of the unique needs and potentials of young minds. Moreover, having witnessed remarkable transformations when children are given the freedom to explore, discover, and grow in an environment rooted in Montessori principles, they have the willingness and ability to adapt to and bolster children’s individual aptitudes.

Passionate about fostering curiosity and a love for lifelong learning in every child, they inspire a vibrant community of educators, parents, and students who share their vision.

“Within the child lays the fate of the future.”

– Dr. Maria Montessori

Why Montessori?

The Montessori concept, meticulously crafted by Dr. Maria Montessori. was built after keen observation of young children. Combined with her interdisciplinary knowledge, it culminated into a curriculum that fosters holistic child development. Montessori’s mixed-age group setting, practical life activities, tangible concrete materials, emphasis on personal progress over competition, and commitment to well-rounded personalities make it a powerful approach.

As Dr. Maria Montessori says, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”.

Admissions open

Genelia Deshmukh

My younger son Rahyl Deshmukh was lucky and fortunate to be in “Aunty Rachel’s” class as he fondly calls her. As a parent, it was an absolute pleasure to have a teacher like her. I felt extremely confident that my child was learning and being nurtured in an atmosphere that Rachel had created, full of love and happiness. Rahyl didn’t want to miss a day of school and that for a toddler’s parent in itself is a win-win situation.
Thank you for being that person in both Rahyl and our lives. We count ourselves blessed.


Suhani Maheshwari

My daughter was greeted everyday with a smile and would look forward to meeting Bhakti. She was a gift for my child. Her method and creativity in every activity makes it very easy for the child to understand and imbibe things.
I feel fortunate that my child had this experience where she was seen and heard with so much detail, and learning was made so much fun!
Thank you doesn’t adequately express my gratitude. My experience as a parent was extremely gratifying.


Sneha Shah

Bhakti is a fabulous Montessori Teacher. She introduced my child to Math and English when she was only 4 years old. Her methods are definitely not traditional and the creativity she brings with such young learners is definitely commendable. At this age when our kids minds are so vulnerable we want our kids to inculcate and absorb learnings in a meaningful way. Bhakti definitely brings along with her patience, empathy, good listening skills, respect for the children’s opinions and a whole new way of learning. I was extremely pleased with how prepped she would come for a session and yet adapt on fly as required varying on the child’s perception on the day.

Highly recommend her.

Education of even a small child does not aim at preparing it for school, but for life.

- Dr. Maria Montessori